Wednesday, February 28, 2018

How to shop sales

I believe in "sale" shopping.  I very seldom buy anything unless it is on sale.  This doesn't make me "stingy" or "cheap".  It makes me SMART.
A few years ago I lived for a while in a condo that was attached to a major mall.  I could just take the elevator down to the third floor walk down the hall, go through a semi-secret door and WALLA  I'm at the mall.
Every woman's dream!

I would shop my favorite stores checking out the new merchandise, trying my favorites on and then putting them back on the rack.
I would then check back and watch until the day they went on sale and if the mark down was enough, I would purchase.  If my size was gone, I would just say, "oh well, it wasn't meant to be" and move on.  
Often times, the store may be out of your size, but it may still be available on line.  Often, if you have the clerk order it for you, there is no shipping fee!

Now I live within 10 minutes of a mall that has a couple of my favorite stores..... Chico's and White House Black Market.  I stroll in and immediately go to the sale racks.  With both stores, I wait until their sale rack is an additional 40% off the already marked down price.  
If I find something I like or have been watching and waiting for it to go on sale, but my size is gone, I find it online!

A few weeks ago I stopped by Chico's.  Their sale rack was an additional 40% off, and I found this extra long cardigan with beautiful raised woven Jacquard floral.  It was the only one on the rack and in my size.  It had been marked down twice from it's original price of $159.00 and then another 40% making it $25.00!  I walked around the store with it in hand looking for coordinates.  I found the ribbed turtleneck (I have the same one in other colors) in a stack that was on sale for $19.00 (normally $59.00).  I found the coordinating pants at the front of the store on sale for $19.00.  They are the Juliet Ankle Pants which I am familiar with and normally sell for $79.00.

It may be that I can only wear this ensemble for a few more weeks of colder weather, but it will be like new this Fall.

I accessorized with an old necklace that ties in with the sweater trim.

Shoes are from

You don't have to be a millionaire to look "classy".  You just have to be SMART!

Now, go out and buy something......

OR Shop on line...

Here is a link to White House Black Market sale:

Here is a direct link to Chico's sale:

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