Monday, January 15, 2018

wearable remembrances.... men's shirt apron

A dear friend, after losing her son, asked if I would do something for her. 
 Her son, Kea, may have had physical limitations, but everything else about him was of giant size.  His heart was huge, his eyes sparkled and he was a friend to everyone bringing endless joy and love and laughter to all he met. 
His journey on earth came to an end after forty years of unconditional selflessness and heart of gold.

Kea was born in Hawaii and loved his Hawaiian shirts.
His Mom asked if I would take some of his shirts and make them into aprons.  I felt privileged and honored to take them and change them into what I call  
"wearable remembrances".  

I cut the back and sleeves out of the shirt, leaving just the front.

This is the shirt that was left.  From it, I cut the two ties.

Hem all the edges and sew on the ties.

And it is finished.

I cut the label out of the back of the neck and sewed it above the pocket.

"When someone you love is in heaven, there is a little heaven in your home"

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