Monday, January 29, 2018

What is a Fashion Fad ?

What is a fashion FAD. 
 It is a style that is enthusiastically accepted for a short period of time and then falls rapidly into disuse.

A great example that many of you may remember would be the men's polyester leisure suits of the 70's

The leisure suit gained popularity by offering an inexpensive, fashionable suit which could be used in formal business and on the disco floor.

How about a fad from the 50's!  
Black and white shoes associated with young girls and teens wearing poodle skirts.
Yes, "saddle shoes".
I remember the nightly ritual of carefully polishing them.

Think of the 1980's.  A new Ivy League look originating with the wealthy New Englanders was copied by young people all over the country eager to have that "preppy" look regardless of their lack of "old money" or trust funds.

Thanks to this 80's fad, polo shirts and khaki pants are still part of the national wardrobe.

Also when we think of the 80's we remember the oversized shoulders for women's wear.  At the time, some felt that the power dressing shoulders gave an authoritative look to women in a male dominated work environment.  I always thought that it was an effort to make a women's hips appear smaller.

There are even earlier examples of broadening the shoulders with the use of puffed sleeves in the 1890s

But what about now?  
I have been reading some interesting articles about what some fashion  gurus believe the fashion fads of 2007 to 2017 to be.

For women, I believe that the look to be remembered is the ripped jean, not just at the knees, but everywhere.  The look has been around for several years.  Is it ready to fade?

A couple of fads to watch to see if their popularity fades in the coming year:

Harem pants

Peplum waist
They were very common in the last year to decorate the waist.  They appeared on almost all the tops including jackets, dresses and shirts.  Will the look be short-lived?

As for men................
There seems to be a growing audience for what is called the man romper or jumpsuit or RompHim.
I didn't see this coming, did you?
This all in one look may not be all that bad!  I found some that, to me, are actually "manly" looking:

Sheehan & Co. summer jumpsuit
With a tie-front waist, button front and long sleeves, this romper has a relaxed, lived-in design that makes it ideal for beach trips or weekend errands. The dark olive green is a solid reference to the garment’s utilitarian history too. $285, 

Sheehan & Co. summer jumpsuit.

Mr Turk Keller short jumpsuit

With its chest-patch pockets, beige hue and light herringbone pattern, this short jumpsuit has some serious ’70s vibes but with a fun, modern feel. This one might be perfect for wearing to a pool party in Palm Springs. $348, 

Mr. Turk Keller short jumpsuit.

Fads are fun to think about and reminisce.  Some may fade for a few years and then re-appear.  Others are here and then gone forever.

I'm still waiting for the return of Jantzen sweater sets!

Monday, January 22, 2018

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren
[laur'-un] not [lo-wren']

(age 78)

Ralph Lauren is a favorite designer of mine because his designs are "wearable".  His beautiful fabrics and attention to construction detail create a style for the independent woman in all parts of the country.  His designs are timeless as he states:
"I stand for a look that is American.  It is an attitude, a sense of freedom.  I believe in clothes that last, that are not dated in a season. They should look better the year after they are bought."

His first creative design came to light when he was associated with Beau Brummel neckties.  Tired of the narrow Ivy League ties, he designed a four inch wide tie made of opulent materials.

From there he began designing men's wear, establishing Polo in 1968.  It wasn't until 1971 that he expanded his designing to a women's line of clothing and soon added a children's line.

To round out his empire, he has added fragrances, handbags, belts, sun glasses and other accessories as well as a line of home furnishings.

Today there are about 30 sub-brands under the Ralph Lauren umbrella.

You may view his Spring Summer 2018 show - New York Fashion Week (Dec. 2017)

In 2014, Ralph Lauren's revenue was roughly $7.5 billion.  
How doe he spend his money:

Along with Washington Post Company President Katharine Graham, Ralph Lauren founded the Nina Hyde Center for Breast Cancer Research in Washington, D.C. as a tribute to former Washington Post fashion editor Nina Hyde.  (source: Georgetown University)

He gives generously to charity.

 He also has a fantastic car collection (owner of a $40 million dollar Bugatti) 

See a private tour of his collection:

Just for fun, I have included some "affordable" (by my standards) classic Ralph Lauren shirts, sweaters and coats.

Lauren married teacher and part-time receptionist Ricky Anne Low-Beer in New York City in 1964. The Laurens are the parents of three children: Andrew, David and Dylan.



Monday, January 15, 2018

wearable remembrances.... men's shirt apron

A dear friend, after losing her son, asked if I would do something for her. 
 Her son, Kea, may have had physical limitations, but everything else about him was of giant size.  His heart was huge, his eyes sparkled and he was a friend to everyone bringing endless joy and love and laughter to all he met. 
His journey on earth came to an end after forty years of unconditional selflessness and heart of gold.

Kea was born in Hawaii and loved his Hawaiian shirts.
His Mom asked if I would take some of his shirts and make them into aprons.  I felt privileged and honored to take them and change them into what I call  
"wearable remembrances".  

I cut the back and sleeves out of the shirt, leaving just the front.

This is the shirt that was left.  From it, I cut the two ties.

Hem all the edges and sew on the ties.

And it is finished.

I cut the label out of the back of the neck and sewed it above the pocket.

"When someone you love is in heaven, there is a little heaven in your home"

Monday, January 1, 2018

How to deal with the four pounds you gained over the Holidays

Be honest with yourself.  Did you add just a couple of pounds during the holidays?  We all did!

Do you want to look thinner without dieting?
Do you want to look firmer while you are dieting?

How many of you remember these lovely pieces?
I do.
I wore a girdle to high school even though I weighed 
110 pounds

Then came the 60's and 70's and "all that freedom"

"burn your bra"

And then came Madonna in the 80's wearing her underwear on the outside

Now we "baby boomers" are getting older....

Have you noticed your “middle” getting bigger?
A few more inches on your thighs?
What about your derriere  (butt)? 

Today there is a plethora of body shaping undergarments to give you a little help.
They are actually comfortable to wear.

I have this one.  It is great for pulling it all together and smoothing out the bumps when I wear something form fitting

You can find it here

This is a great waist shaper that will smooth out your muffin top.
You can find it here

This is a great little shaper to smooth out your thighs and muffin top and firm up your behind.  
It can be found here

This will firm up your arms and bus tine.
You can find it here

But whatever your "less than perfect" is.........

marshmallow butt 
muffin top 
bumpy thighs

try shapewear

There are many brands; 
I like SPANX

Did you know?  The proper name for undergarments or clothing worn next to your skin is   Innerwear 

 Fashion looks better when you feel good on the inside