Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Dressing for New Years

When you are invited to a New Year's Eve Party, is the first thing on your mind....... 
HELP  What will I wear !!

Begin with a monochromatic look.  Make it black or winter white.  Then add a pop of color like this red textured jacket.

I have a great pair of black silk pants with a straight leg (always in style) and I add a black turtleneck or black silk blouse or 3/4 length sleeve black knit top.
Then add the pop of color.

Add some nice jewelry which creates a focal point for framing your face.
This gold and hand blown glass bead necklace is a favorite of mine, purchased in Venice.

And guess what !  You can wear the same basic black to your next party with a change of  accessory top and no one will know !
(yes I'm wearing heels...... sitting in them, not walking!)

Add a slinky cardigan sweater

Take a suit jacket from one of those winter suits that you haven't worn in ages

I pulled this from the back of my closet....... a paisley beaded little short jacket

Just a fox fur scarf

I have a friend that has always said,  "It's better to be a little overdressed than under dressed"
So put on the fancy..............it's easy and probably already hanging in your closet!

Be brave..........Make a statement


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