Monday, December 11, 2017

Cowboy week in Las Vegas...... National Finals Rodeo

" Cowgirl up"

 I'm in my western mode.  I'm loving this long tiered lace skirt and denim jacket.  I pulled the skirt from my closet.  It's a favorite that can be worn in a variety of I have chosen a western look since I am still feeling "cowgirl" due to the rodeo in town this week.

And I can't say enough "good" about my red boots.

The denim jacket is from the Reba Collection and is a few years old.  I love the detail...... large silver buttons, piping around all edges, hand sewn embroidery detail and silver studs.

Did you notice my silver Zuni Indian Fetish necklace?  My fetish necklace is made of small silver animals.   Each animal depicts a type of luck, power or protection.  Fetish necklaces are worn for healing, spiritual guidance and protection purposes.
I purchased my necklace many years ago when I was a college student working at a lodge near the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  It is one of my prized possessions. 

 Did you notice my silver belt buckle?  It was purchased in (and has the date on it) 1985 at the NFR Rodeo Finals. 

Zuni Jewelry  CLICK     CLICK

Denim Jackets:  

Reba denim jacket  click  and click and click

Tiered Skirt

Reba tiered skirts:
click and click 

Red Bandana

Red Boots

Def:  Cowgirl Up - "Cowgirl Up" is the female version of the old rodeo warning call, "Cowboy up."
This cry from the chute meant that the rider was seated on the bronco or bull and was ready for the gate to open. Over time, the expression came to mean that someone was ready and able to tackle some huge challenge. In some cases, it is even used as a verb: to cowboy up, meaning to be prepared physically and mentally for some difficult or dangerous undertaking. "C'mon, cowboy up for the job; you can do it!"

Cowgirl wisdom:

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