Monday, November 27, 2017

Thanksgiving Fashion Show...............

At my house, Thanksgiving Dinner ends with a Fashion Show!
This year starring my three cuties.............
Aurelia (8), Ezra (6) and Xander (2)

Their coordinator and dresser (behind the scenes) was Abbey (age 8)! 

"A" is wearing basic black

Little "X" prefers taffeta and green head wear

We find "A" and "E" in their Phantom of the Opera inspired evening wear.

"E" is still willing to put on whatever the girls tell him.

Do I detect a little Robin hood meets Grandma influence in this attire?

Princess meets the choir boy........

Grandma has a great "dress up" box of fashions....

Good job Abbey.  I see a job at Vogue in your future.

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