Saturday, October 7, 2017

Back at last................

Seven months ago (March 11) while vacationing in Alaska, I had an accident involving a snow machine.  Here in the lower 48 states, we call them "snow mobiles".  My two friends and I signed up for a half day trip to see and “touch” a glacier.  Wow……….
 I bet some of you may have that on your Bucket List!
Our guide assured me that the fact that I had never  ridden a “snow machine”  was not a problem.
The glacier was incredible, but the guide decided to take a trail through the trees on our return at the close of the day.
I tangled with a pine, was air lifted to the hospital after laying in the snow for close to four hours. 
It was a tender mercy from the Lord that seconds after my crash, an amazing man ---  coming from the opposite direction having been prompted to take a trail he had never traveled in his hundreds of trips to the glacier ------ 
came to my aide and never left my side. 

A shattered femur, injured knee, broken arm and compound fractured hand…………….
just a bump in the road of life.
Thanks to angel friends and many prayers and a healing body, I am once again “upright” and typing!!

While healing I vowed that this defining moment in my life would NOT turn me into an “old person”. 
 I shall wear heels again!  
I will climb mountains ………
. And there are malls I have yet to shop!

The thought of blogging about this Ralph Lauren blouse that I had purchased at a great sale price prior to my accident .... kept me going some days.

The flared and gathered peplum just below the waistline create a frilly flounce of soft cotton voile.

I wanted to chose a monochromatic top and pant look.  I found the pant at Chico's (on sale since it is the end of the summer).  They are  the "so slimming"  Serene Cuffed Crops.  The fabric is a Cotton, Spandex blend giving a just right stretchy feel.  There are still some colors available.  Click to see.

 But the matching top was sold out.  Hmmmmmmm so I found a dress of the same color that was a "final sale" at Chico's on the internet.
I simply cut the bottom off and I have my coordinating top: 

My earrings and buckle ring are Mexican Silver and were purchased in Mexico a few years ago:

As for shoes.................. I will be wearing flats for the next several months.
For now, I just dream of the day when I can put on those heels once again:

These last seven months have given me an insight into the goodness of friends and neighbors and family.   I would not have been able to come home without their loving help.  What a blessing it is to have them in my life.

Life has its challenges.
Life is difficult at times.
Life is short.
But God has assured us that we need not go it alone.

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