Sunday, October 22, 2017

70's inspired tunic top

I was shopping one day admiring the fun 70's inspired dresses.
I loved the 70's
Some of the very best music was written during the 70's
The fashions were free and flowing and feminine with ruffles and billowing sleeves 
and wide leg bell bottom pants.

Fashion repeats itself and we now have trending so many of the 70's styles.

So...........there I was admiring the silky knit dresses and reminiscing .....

I'm tall and the dresses are just a little too short for me.

I bought my favorite and cut it off.

A perfect long tunic top !

Loving the sheer sleeve

The Label is MSK
I couldn't find my color (must be sold out), but this is the same dress that I purchased.
Some of you may be lucky enough to be able to wear them as a dress!  Hooray for you!!
Just cut it off and hem for a sassy tunic.

click on each picture:

                       Shoes are Anne Klein    CLICK

necklace is multi strand from Chico's
similar  CLICK    

Look at what I found for you to check out.  Just click on the picture:

My velvet pants are from Chico's.
Unfortunately, not all sizes are available..... click

Where were you when you first heard this song:

I still love ABBA   .....  the Swedish "Beatles"

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