Monday, November 13, 2017

Deconstruction Fashion IS HERE

A while ago I created a post dealing with:

Deconstruction Fashion
It was done "tongue in cheek".
The photos I showed were from the runway and carried with them very large Designer prices.

I was shopping at Nordstrom in Salt Lake City last weekend and look what I found hanging on the rack..............

An asymmetrical off-the-shoulder neckline and bold striped crisp blouse.  AND the price was reasonable. 
                                     click to see

I came home and found this Nicole Miller dress which is moderately priced at Dillard's

Nicole Miller New York Hanky-Hem Hi-Low Dress

click to see

I also found this top at Dillard's

From Ali Miles

Click to see

This tells me that Deconstruction Fashion has now
 reached the retail market.  
It is affordable for people like you and me.  
The question is:  

I have included my original post for you to review:

What is Deconstruction Fashion?   

Some say that it challenges the traditional perception of beauty.  Others say it is the epitome of beauty.  It is easy to spot.  It's characteristics include fraying, raw edges, zippers that show, linings that are falling out, hemlines that are everywhere (on the same garment), pieces put together that don't belong, and garments that look like they are coming apart.  
This trend has been on the market for sometime, but recently we have seen more than usual on the runways of New York and Paris.

"Deconstructionism" has been around for some time.  It was the brainchild of French philosopher Jacques Derrida in the late 1960's.  He defined it as "the process of breaking down established forms".The term originally applied to text, but also describes the breaking down of normal boundaries, challenging the norm and manipulating the given.

Deconstructionism when applied to Fashion looks like this................

I don't mean to make light of what some may feel is "true" fashion, BUT I think the sleeves are upside down.  I recall a beginning sewing student who tried to do this.
Paris Fashion Week 2015  Vanessa Jackman

I will withhold my comments on the rest of these decide for yourself.
Try to visualize wearing  these to the next office party or to church or dinner date.


Hood by Air  SS16

Thierry Mugler

Yoji Yamamoto

Yoji Yamamoto

Yoji Yamamoto

Helen van Rees

These two might be a possibility..... (if I can find the armholes in the green dress)

Diesel M-Tribe Sweater, All Saints Aime Trench dress

Why should we girls have all the fun.  These might be nice for your guy!

Greg Lauren   2016

This deconstruction has been around for awhile.  Many have embraced the look.  I'm a little too old for that many holes in my jeans, BUT perhaps some of you could pull it off.

I find this nice crispy cotton blouse rather charming.  I wonder if those interesting ties can be undone for laundering and ironing purposes?

Aganovich   Fall 2016

I am not here to pass judgment.  I have always taken what ever is trending at the time and made adjustments to fit my own style and my age. 

 Hmmmmmm....... maybe I could take the hem out of my jean bottoms and let them fray........ after all, I want to be part of the deconstruction look.

If you own rights to any of the images shown, and do not want their release, please contact me and the content will be removed immediately.

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