Wednesday, February 8, 2017

styling a retro suit jacket

Not long ago I presented a blog post showing how to take a vintage or retro suit jacket and style it with jeans or casual pants for a new look.

I have done it again.  Pulled this wool jacket from the back of my closet.  

The jacket cut is short and fitted with a small back pleat and side pockets.
Short jackets are trending at the time which makes this a perfect fashion fit.

I've added a soft cotton scarf bringing together the blues and browns of the entire look.

I'm wearing my favorite skinny jeans and flat heel boots.

I think it is important that we draw upon what we have in our closets to create fun and exciting looks.  It doesn't take a boat load of money to look nice!
Style what you have.
Add something new to something old!
Be creative
Be bold!

I found this cute video for you to watch about styling vintage clothing.
It's cute, you will enjoy it!

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