Monday, February 6, 2017

Oversized sweaters........."to wear or NOT to wear"

Now trending.............


I've been debating with myself as to whether I can wear this "trendy" look or NOT
I'm from the generation of "clothes should fit properly"
In that world, wearing this sweater would scream...
"too bad they didn't have the right size"

If you google  oversized sweaters , you will find lots of younger (under 30) models with their holy jeans sporting sweaters three sizes too large.  Am I too old for this?

In an effort to bring myself into the age of "oversizing", I purchased this sweater and upon pulling it over my head, realized........."hey, I could get used to this comfy, free feeling."
My goodness, I could gain 20 pounds and no one would notice.  No more body shapers for me!

I like this longer sleeve length.  My old self would want to shorten them;  but not the NEW me.

I can't say enough good about this turtle neck!

 The length is perfect!  Covers up my whole back side.


I'm all through arguing with myself..........
I'm a believer...........
Gotta run...........
I'm off to buy another Big Oversized Trend!

I highly recommend you give this a try......

Mine is from Nordstrom Rack, but sadly, they are now all sold out.  I found some similar ones for you to try.  Most are on sale!!!
Be brave!

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