Wednesday, January 25, 2017

what makes for a higher price point?

Why is there a different price point in clothing sales?
Why does one suit cost considerably more than another?

This dark brown classic pant suit has an Ellen Tracy label.  It is about ten years old.

Herbert Gallen was the man behind the Ellen Tracy label.
 He began manufacturing women's clothing during WWII under his wife's name, Betty Barr.  In 1949, he formed a new company which he called, Ellen Tracy.  In 1962, he added Linda Allard who two years later became the Director of Design.

There is no Ellen Tracy.  She is and never was a real person.

The company was acquired by Liz Claiborne, Inc in 2002.  The clothing line still uses the Ellen Tracy label.

I was fortunate to purchase my suit at an amazing sale price.  I can often find a steal on a sales rack because I wear a size eight jacket  and size four or six skirt and pants.  When the selection gets down to odd sizes, the price is usually "further reduced".

Why was this an "expensive" suit?

1.  The fabric is a wool gabardine, very smooth and soft with wonderful draping qualities.
(wool is more expensive than polyester)

2. Pants and jacket are fully lined.

3  Construction of the jacket (and pants) would take more time to complete because of the detail involved:

The lapels are meticulously bound

 That's a bound buttonhole!!
( these are problematic even on a good day)

Isn't this a beautiful pocket

4.  If we were to look beneath the lining, we would find woven interfacings, stabilizers.....  some, if not all, of the details pictured 

Fabric and quality of construction are the big determiners of price.  Also, the brand name may dictate a higher price point.

I have paired the suit with a turquoise linen blouse and accessorized with a multi color beaded necklace and coordinating bag.

This classic suit style is fashionable at any time.
It would be well worth the money spent even at it's original price point.
How fortunate I am to have been in a place at the right time to take advantage of a great sale!
I live a charmed life.

I found some suits for you ...
They vary greatly in price.  But now you know WHY

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