Monday, January 2, 2017

My" retro" white coat

Do you have a favorite coat with which you cannot part?

This is mine.  

Ruffles may not be "trending" at the time, so perhaps I can  refer to this as "retro vintage"

I purchased this lovely DKNY in, I believe, 2007.  It was on a sale rack in  Nordstrom in Salt Lake City.  It was calling .....
"buy me, buy me...."

It needed a home!!
How could I deny it?
I took it home and introduced it to its friends in a crowded coat closet.  

Every winter I bring it out and wear it proudly.  It is beautifully tailored of 100% wool with cream satin lining.

The burnished bronze buttons and detailed stitching produce a pleasant vertical design line.

The collar's stand creates a stand up neckline which is great for the addition of a brightly colored scarf.

By definition, Clothing which was produced before the 1920's is referred to as antique.  Clothing from the 1920's to 20 years before the present day is considered to be vintage.  Retro style refers to trends of at least 10 to 20 years from the present.

Therefore, my coat is "retro".

One way to wear vintage or retro fashion is to pair it with decidedly modern accessories such as shoes, bags and sunglasses.  A pop of vibrant color is also a good way to modernize a classic piece.

So pull something from the back of your closet and wear it!


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