Wednesday, January 4, 2017

military style black coat

When I really want to be warm, I wear my Black wool military style coat.  The styling would be a classic...........

This would be considered a "military style" coat.  Why?  Because of it being made of 100%wool, the large metal buttons, details like the sleeve straps and flap and button pockets, the rigid fitted shoulder frame, pleat in back and dark solid color.  

Notice the sleeve straps

Notice the pleat in back

Notice the flap pocket detail

The Fall-Winter 2016-2017 runway featured several military and exaggerated features of the military style.  Click on "Military Coats 2016-2017" to view.

One of my favorites from the runway is this one which is not the traditional dark color, but a traditional structured shape.
(doesn't the model remind you of Twiggy?  Maybe you're not old enough to understand what I mean..... oops)

This one from the runway is a traditional dark color and large metal buttons
(did you notice her little square neck scarf)

Check out the rest from the runway and see which are your favorites:   CLICK

I also found these for you to look at and they are all reduced in price.  Just click on the picture:

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