Monday, January 16, 2017

How to recycle an old suit jacket..........

Do you happen to have any suit jackets that:
1.  still fit
2.  look fresh, even if they are vintage
3.  have coordinating skirts that no longer fit or appear worn

I have found that such jackets may be styled well with casual pants or jeans.

This pale lavender short jacket with a "fancy name label" is 100% wool.  The cropped jacket has a wing collar, plain front and  some interesting detail on the sleeves.


The parallel lines of top stitching on the cuffs add a designer feel, creating a unique design feature.

The wing collar rolls back accenting the jacket front void of buttons, pockets or trim of any kind.

My skinny jeans are a few years old, but I have found some similar for you to view 

I've added a soft cotton scarf and white turtleneck to complete the look.

My dark brown leather boots are Anne Klein and  purchased last year.  The contrasting leather stitched trim intrigued me when I first saw them.  I purchased them at Saks Off Fifth Avenue...... a great place to purchase shoes and boots.  I found some similar for you to see.


I'm a firm believer in saving your clothes.  Fashion repeats itself and I find that I can pull something from the back of my closet that may be 20 or 30 years old and find a way to style it today.  
Short fitted jackets from the 90's to present time fit well into the styling of today.
I would stay away from large padded shoulders of the 80's, but have faith..... they will return sometime in the future!

Skinny jeans are here:
They all have a high rise which means they come up higher, closer to your natural waistline

Take a look at these beautiful boots at Off Saks Fifth Avenue

If you don't have any old suit jackets that fill the bill, take a stroll through your consignment, good will or vintage shops in your area.

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