Monday, January 9, 2017

fox collared suit

Before I begin, I wanted to show you my front door wreath.  I bought the frame at Goodwill and painted it black, adding the greenery and bow with my trusty glue gun.  When Spring comes, I will change the arrangement to spring flowers and a new pastel bow.

I tell you all this so that when you see my first photo, you will realize that I am NOT wearing a hat!

This stunning, and "looking very expensive" suit is a creation of my own.
While teaching at Salt Lake Community College in the Fashion Institute, I was fortunate to purchase three yards of fabric from a fabric rep who was a friend of a friend.  On her return from selling her impressive and down right gorgeous fabrics to designers in Calif, she would stop and sell us her samples.  The fabrics would not be available in fabric stores, but you would see them in Designer creations the following season.

This particular piece is a silk and wool combination woven plaid.  It is lightweight , but the silk is evident in the feel.  If I remember correctly, this fabric was purchased by 
Ralph Lauren.

I designed a simple pencil skirt with back zipper and short fitted jacket void of pockets or trim.  In fact the front closure is a large, fabric covered, hook and eye at the bottom tip of the collar.

 Yes, a real red fox gave up its life for my collar.
When I was teaching high school in the 70's (people wore fur coats at that time), I talked a friend into purchasing a fox shawl at a "back door fur sale" at an exclusive furrier in Salt Lake.  (at a back door fur sale, furs that have been left unclaimed in storage are sold after a period of time).  We paid $25.00 for it and split it, each taking half.
(we would "honor" the life of the fox by wearing it)

From my share, I made a ski hat and a collar and cuffs for a sweater and had enough left for this suit collar. 

I usually wear a turtleneck complimenting the brown in the plaid.  I have chosen the Rachel Turtleneck from Chico's and it is presently on sale in a variety of colors.  It's rayon/polyester blend makes is soft and lightweight.  The Rachel Turtlenecks have become a favorite of mine.

My little leather bag was a gift from a friend and purchased in Venice, Italy.  I found some similar ones for you. (and they are all reduced in price) .... click click click

Shoes are my favorites..........perfect heel, perfect fit.

You don't have to go broke in order to look rich
Jill G. S.  (that's me)

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