Friday, January 6, 2017

Elizabeth McCord in Madam Secretary

I often watch Television just to see the fashions worn in weekly dramas and sitcoms.  I have been drawn to the CBS political drama, Madam Secretary.  Tea Leoni plays the Secretary of State, Elizabeth McCord who advises the President and is clearly the brains of the operation.  

Costume designer for Elizabeth is Amy Roth.  Amy Roth makes it clear that while McCord is "not a fashion queen", she takes a modern sophisticated approach to Washington style.  Roth says. “This is a woman who advises the president on foreign affairs. Her wardrobe should reflect her ability to exercise good judgment in all matters.”(Pret-a-Reporter,  9/19/2014 by Kara Mayer Robinson)

I love the subtle sophistication of Elizabeth's wardrobe and find myself looking forward to each week's episode just to see what she is wearing.

On more than one occasion she has worn what I would call a "jumper sheath" with a tailored blouse.

This is one such example:

I found myself thinking .... "I like that look;  I want to wear that look;  I can make that look........"

I chose a polyester/rayon (feels like light weight wool) houndstooth suiting that I found at JoAnn Fabrics. 
Find it here

 I lined it with a polyester lining.
Find it here

I used a simple sheath pattern, used previously, so I knew it would fit perfectly.
Find it here

I used extra iron on interfacing around the armholes and neckline, just to add additional stability to those areas

And we have......(drum roll) .......... my interpretation of Elizabeth McCord's sheath jumper

And when I go out, I throw on a cashmere scarf shawl......

Shoes can be seen here CLICK

 If you want to see more fashions worn my Elizabeth McCord, CLICK

I found some white long sleeve blouses for you to look at
And I found some sleeveless sheath dresses that might work..........but your best bet is to make your own:

Yes, I am wearing a body shaper....My favorite CLICK

 I like to think of the look as 
subtle,sensible power dressing

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