Sunday, January 29, 2017

A great sweater find and 5 ways to wear it

I just bought this awesome sweater at Nordstrom Rack.  When I come across a great find, I want to share.
It comes in several colors, just click to see.
And it is only $22.97 (ordinarily sells for $60.00)

amarylli  CLICK
blue dream  CLICK
black  CLICK
navy blue  CLICK
heather gray  CLICK

The rib knit construction is an easy care rayon/poly blend and is machine washable.
It runs true to size;  I'm wearing a medium.

The styling is perfect.  The figure friendly longer length gives a silhouette slimming affect;  bulges are conveniently camouflaged. It is sophisticated and relaxed at the same time. 

The sleek look is not the least bit bulky, but provides a little warmth in a cool breeze.
I call this color Escada red.  It is not real red, but it is not orange.  I love to put it with olive greens, browns, navy blues, blacks, ivory........there is no end.

If this is not your first color comes in several other hues......bright blue, navy, black and heather gray.

It has just one single button at the bottom of the low cut v-neck.  "to button or not to button", the choice is yours.

The sleeves are ample in length and can be worn down or pushed up.

The little split at the side seams gives an added design interest. 

I pulled this designer scarf from my scarf drawer and it matches perfectly, for some added interest and with the addition of my oversized pearl earrings, I'm ready for anything.

The sweater is so versatile.  It can be styled with a monochromatic scheme and heels for an afternoon lunch or an evening out.

Sally is looking forward to pairing my new sweater with a twirly skirt dress.

I'm thinking of pairing it with ivory long pants and shell for another great look.

I love this color with brown and maybe a little animal print thrown in.

My sweater goes casual with skinny jeans, turtle neck, boots and a touch of turquoise.

This sweater is a wardrobe staple since it can be paired and styled in so many ways.  It's a real "go to" piece 
AND.... it is priced just right!!
I love it when I can find quality at a great price.  And, this is why I wanted to share.

Here they are again:

amarylli  CLICK
blue dream  CLICK
black  CLICK
navy blue  CLICK
heather gray  CLICK

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