Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The cape..........a fashion staple

It's story time.............  The summer before the beginning of my senior year in college, I took a job at Utah Woolen Mills in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I needed additional experience using industrial sewing machines in order to graduate with an additional attachment to my composite Home Economics degree.  I would be certified in Industrial Sewing.
When I left the job at the end of August, I bought, for one dollar, a scrap of wool that I had kept my eye on during those grueling months in what I called "the sweat shop".

I had recently finished a hand tailoring course, and since I had only a limited amount of fabric, I made a cape.
The 100% coat weight piece of wool was beautiful and so much "fun" to work with.  I was careful in cutting it out to match all the seams as well as the patch pockets.

I lined it with a heavy satin.

Yes, those are bound buttonholes!

I have loved wearing my cape.  It is a fashion statement for sure wherever I go.    Cape variations have been around  since antiquity with different lengths and styles depending on the era.  Wealthy people wore capes lined and trimmed with fur as a status symbol and capes were worn indoors as well as outside for added protection against the cold in unheated buildings.
The popularity of capes may be influenced by the fashion of the day.  For example in the 1830's capes were more accommodating than jackets over dresses whose sleeves had ballooned into the leg-of-mutton style. 
In our more modern times, one year may show more capes than others.  During the 2015 fall and winter fashion week, capes were everywhere and remain so today.  

Capes are feminine and always fascinating!

Sally enjoys wearing her cape with a black felt hat and cashmere scarf.

I found the vogue pattern that is nearly, if not, identical to my cape:   CLICK

I also found some wonderful examples for you to peruse..........

Love both of these from Nordstrom    CLICK   CLICK

Look at this trench cape    CLICK

One from Karl Lagerfeld    CLICK 

Beautiful plus size at Macy's    CLICK

Here is one for your wish list    CLICK

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