Friday, December 23, 2016

a fabric treasure..........

I'm speaking to those of you who sew or have someone sew for you...........
Have you ever come across a piece of fabric that you just had to buy?  You may not have even had an idea as to what you would create with it, but it was a treasure that you couldn't pass up.

I was visiting one of my favorite fabric stores in Salt Lake City, Utah many years ago and saw this gorgeous silver lace.  I bought 1 1/2 yards..........closed my eyes when I paid for it!

I put a silky black polyester  behind it and cut out a very simple short darts, simple lines.
I cut the same pattern pieces using a black crepe.  After sewing the jacket together (lace backed with the polyester) and the crepe lining together, I put them right sides together and sewed around the edges, inserting a black piping.  Be sure to leave a space open so that you can turn it right side out.

I usually wear the jacket over a black shell and black wide leg pant.

I thought the ensemble called for pearls.  Pearls are always a tasteful choice.

The short jacket styling is always appropriate regardless of what fashion is trending.

AND, when you see a piece of fabric that you can't live it.  The styling will come later.

Is this your wish?

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