Wednesday, November 2, 2016

slip into fall with a light weight sweater

  It is November and I am not quite ready to give into colder weather "looks".  So I will ease myself into warmer cardigans with this light and breezy Escada red three quarter sleeve sweater.  I keep things simple underneath with a button front white shirt and plain jeans.  The focus is clearly on the sweater.

 I belted the white shirt just below the waistline for additional interest,
And rolled up my sleeves a cuff to meet the sweater sleeve.

The red heels "elevate" the look and I'm ready for a Fall breeze and colored leaves.

This entire look was pulled from my closet, but I found some similar pieces for you to check out:

CLICK  from Chico's    

CLICK  from Nordstrom Rack

White shirt  
CLICK  from Nordstrom Rack

CLICK  from Chico's

CLICK  from Nordstrom Rack

CLICK  the perfect ones from Nordstrom  in many colors

CLICK  from Chico's


Remember:  With the right pair of red shoes, a woman can do anything!

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