Wednesday, November 23, 2016

short tailored jacket

I love short jackets this time of year.  I pulled this one out of my closet.  I have had it for awhile, but the style is one that is timeless.  This yummy lemon yellow is perfectly paired with my black slacks and "speckled" blouse.

My jacket is made of "recycled cashmere"  
Cashmere is a wool coming from the cashmere goat.  "recycled" means that the wool, which was originally woven or felted for a purpose, has been made into a fibrous state once again and then woven or felted for a second time.
A jacket made of "recycled" cashmere would be less expensive than a "cashmere" jacket.

I am wearing a ruched shell which is great for camouflaging any midsection bulges.  

Just for fun I added TWO scarfs tied together around my neck for a real splash of additional color.

I have chosen a black satchel bag from Charming Charlie.  This satchel bag is large enough to carry your ipad along with all your other essentials.  It's spacious side pouches and shiny hardware plating gives the impression of a more expensive bag.  It is crafted with vegan leather (that would be a fancy name for synthetic leather) that appears as "real".

This bag will not last as long as a designer bag, but when it begins to look worn, I can toss it and buy another inexpensive one.  I can do this several times during the lifetime of one designer bag.

My pants are my favorite ..... slightly flared at the bottom and a wider leg.  This design is flattering  for any body shape.  

The entire ensemble was pulled from my closet;  but I have found some similar items for you to check out:

I love this one, nearly identical style as mine   CLICK
this one, also   CLICK

Ruched Shell CLICK

This pair at Chico's is perfect   CLICK

 Charming Charlie

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