Wednesday, November 30, 2016

What to wear to the Holiday parties

Have you been wondering what to wear to the hubby's office party or to the Nutcracker or the annual Messiah Performance ..... Well here it is...........(drum roll)
This incredibly amazing golden olive satin jacket is the ticket to not only being "appropriate", but being the "stand out" in the room.
With the collar standing up and the gold zipper left open, it screams sophistication. 

You can find it here at Chico's....... click

During the evening, you will for sure want to remove the jacket to reveal an amazing, right from the 70's, blouse.  The coordinating color over sized paisley is an eye catcher.  The dramatic bell sleeves are so reminiscent of the 70's.  
It features travel friendly wrinkle resistant fabric.

You can see and order it right here..... click

It was difficult selecting a necklace ....there were so many from which to choose, but I decided on this Statement piece.   Its  strand of alternating beads finished with a folk-art pendant will surely catch the eye of everyone in the room.

You can see and order it here...... click

I love the way fashion repeats itself.
If you had a bell sleeve blouse or dress in the 70's or 80's  raise your hand!

If you wish you had saved some of those bell sleeves, raise your hand!

I found this great utube video of bell sleeves from the past.  You've got to watch it!!   click

All clothes today are from Chico's

Online catalog is here     click

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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Love Chico's

If you are viewing this on Cyber Monday....... everything shown here is 50% off !!
Click on my direct link to Chico's on line catalog at the end of this blog.

I love this faux fur collared cardigan sweater from Chico's.
The gradient shimmering embellishment ranges from light to dark giving it a subtle festive appearance.
It is washable.
CLICK  to better see the shiny woven texture of this 
Bridgette Cardigan

I have paired this with the Juliet Ankle Pant which has that nice slim leg and straight leg opening.  The Rayon, nylon and spandex fabric creates a perfect pull-on silhouette that is flattering to any shape.  The rise sits just below the natural waistline.  The waist has elastic encased for a smooth and comfortable fit.

The sleeveless draped tank is made of a soft, silky polyester.
It has that slinky silky feel on your skin.
click on DRAPED TANK

One of the reasons that I love shopping at Chico's is their beautifully appointed accessories.  You find them on table after table ready to add to whatever you have chosen to try on.

The black and gold bangle bracelets were a perfect addition.
For some strange reason I can't find the exact one on their website, but look at all the others   CLICK

It was difficult to choose a necklace to complete the "look", but I found
 this large chunky black rings with gold linings.  

Isn't it a nice feeling when you find a store where you are always welcomed with a cheery greeting, where all the sales people are wearing the clothes they sell and are always so helpful in helping you find what you are looking for.  They are also not afraid to give an honest opinion when asked and eager to see that you are pleased with your choice.

That's why I love shopping at Chico's.

CLICK to see their on line catalog.  

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Friday, November 25, 2016

How to wear Winter White

It's going to be a White Christmas...........
Nothing is more elegant than wearing white in cold winter months.
I'm at Chico's in the District at Green Valley Ranch trying on the luscious new looks for winter.

I love this all white ensemble ......... pants, blouse and woolen coat.
When wearing all one shade of white or off white, be sure to vary the textures.
This tailored sophisticated 


will be warm because of the wool content, but a real show stopper when you walk into a room because of its elegant cut and styling.

The Juliet Ankle Pant has a nice slim leg and straight leg opening.  The Rayon, nylon and spandex fabric creates a perfect pull-on silhouette that is flattering to any shape.  The rise sits just below the natural waistline.  The waist has elastic encased for a smooth and comfortable fit.

The sleeveless draped tank is the exact color of the coat, but its soft, silky polyester fabric feels silky to the touch.
The design incorporates a" tuck up" in the front creating an interesting design detail.

Statement jewelry is needed to complete the monochromatic look.  Nothing looks better with winter white than pearls.
A pop of pearls at the neckline as well an on the wrist.


is a  sweeping cluster of simulated pearls drawn together in lavish gold-tone links.  The magnetic closure makes it so simple to wear.


. combines faux pearls and gold-tone links to create an exquisite accent piece.

A monochromatic look requires contrasting shoes.  My gold and acrylic slip on brings the whole look to conclusion.

When wearing winter white you are guaranteed to be the center of attention wherever you are.

Look for yourself in the Chico's catalog:

Link to the catalog   HERE

Link to the Boiled Wool Ottoman Jacket  HERE

Link to the sleeveless tank  HERE

Link to the Juliet Ankle pant   HERE

Link to the Sydnie Bib Necklace    HERE

Link to the Sydnie Bracelet   HERE

Bring on the chestnuts roasting on an open fire......

Let it snow .....let it snow...... let it snow

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

short tailored jacket

I love short jackets this time of year.  I pulled this one out of my closet.  I have had it for awhile, but the style is one that is timeless.  This yummy lemon yellow is perfectly paired with my black slacks and "speckled" blouse.

My jacket is made of "recycled cashmere"  
Cashmere is a wool coming from the cashmere goat.  "recycled" means that the wool, which was originally woven or felted for a purpose, has been made into a fibrous state once again and then woven or felted for a second time.
A jacket made of "recycled" cashmere would be less expensive than a "cashmere" jacket.

I am wearing a ruched shell which is great for camouflaging any midsection bulges.  

Just for fun I added TWO scarfs tied together around my neck for a real splash of additional color.

I have chosen a black satchel bag from Charming Charlie.  This satchel bag is large enough to carry your ipad along with all your other essentials.  It's spacious side pouches and shiny hardware plating gives the impression of a more expensive bag.  It is crafted with vegan leather (that would be a fancy name for synthetic leather) that appears as "real".

This bag will not last as long as a designer bag, but when it begins to look worn, I can toss it and buy another inexpensive one.  I can do this several times during the lifetime of one designer bag.

My pants are my favorite ..... slightly flared at the bottom and a wider leg.  This design is flattering  for any body shape.  

The entire ensemble was pulled from my closet;  but I have found some similar items for you to check out:

I love this one, nearly identical style as mine   CLICK
this one, also   CLICK

Ruched Shell CLICK

This pair at Chico's is perfect   CLICK

 Charming Charlie

"You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it."
                                                                                     Edith Head

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Winter and Fur

It finally happened.  I turned on the central heat when I got up this morning.  It was 62 degrees inside and 50 degrees outside.  I pulled up all the shades and found the pesky old sun shining brightly as always.  
I am a summer person..... happiest when it is 90 degrees....... can tolerate the 115 degrees just fine.  The only good thing about cold weather is cold weather clothing.  I love sweaters and coats and long woolen mittens.  

Did I say fur??

I'm in love with this wonderful sweater coat from Chico's 
CLICK and it's yours

Its cozy faux-Fur collar is perfect for those chilly temperatures.  The medley of colors in its intarsia design seems to wrap you up in comfy warmth.  Belted at the waist with long sleeves makes it perfect for complimenting a dress or long pants.

And speaking of pants.  I found the Holiday black stretch velvet wide leg pant to die for.
I fell in love with the velvety touch and the elegant sway of the bell bottom leg.  The stretch pull on pant creates a perfect fit for any shape. 
Dozens of ways to style the pants with sweaters and silky Holiday tops were running through my mind as I paraded around the Chico's store at
 The District at Green Valley Ranch in Henderson, Nevada.
Take at peek right here:  CLICK

AND, did I say they are washable!!
They come in regular and petite.  I am wearing the regular and they are perfect for my 5' 8" height

I am always pleased when I shop at Chico's.  The quality is consistent with the pricing.  Their combination of great style and unique artful pieces makes them one of my favorite places to shop!

They have oodles of accessory pieces and jewelry to complete your own personal look and style.

Try them..... You'll like them

Here is a direct link to their catalog:  CLICK

"Attitude is everything."

Diane von Furstenberg

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Friday, November 18, 2016

leopard print jacket

Do we ever tire of animal prints?  Not this season!!  Animal prints give you an air of confidence and even make you feel  a little bit "sexy".  
I made this little jacket some time ago and found it to be perfectly paired with my Chico's pants and black sweater.  The large shawl collar frames the sweater neckline with its black binding.

I used a basic jacket pattern 
and designed my own collar. The leopard fabric is a cotton polyester blend and lining is a black 100% cotton.  Using the lining fabric, I cut a bias binding and completed the look by hand.

I accessorized with a black and gold necklace and bulky black bracelet.  Both came from my jewelry box, but I found similar ones for your viewing.

Leopard Fabric at Etsy  CLICK

Jacket Pattern   CLICK

Pants from Chico's   CLICK

Sweater from  Ann Taylor    CLICK

similar necklaces from Charming Charlie  CLICK     
close to identical  CLICK

Bracelet from Charming Charlie CLICK

Remember the rules for wearing animal prints:
1.  Don't combine animals 
2.  Stay away from a whole ensemble from  head to toe plus  accessories and shoes all in animal print

A while ago I had another post dealing with animal prints  If you missed it, you can view it again by clicking here:
How to wear animal prints

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Scarf Menagerie

For a week I have been posting on Instagram and Facebook a variety of scarves in various states of "tied"
I have collected over the years a diverse collection of shapes and sizes and fabrics.  
I have, what I refer to, as my scarf drawer where my treasures are kept, usually in an organized state of chaos.

Here is a review of just a few......

This is my Chanel Designer Scarf and one of my favorites because of the vibrant colors.  Two ways to wear it are rolled diagonally and wrapped twice around my neck or as a shawl.
I hold Coco Chanel close to my heart.  Raised in an orphanage, she learned the art of sewing and was credited after World War I of liberating women from the constraints of the corseted silhouette.
If you want to learn more, look at this short documentary entitled:  Coco Chanel: From Fashion Icon to Social Revolutionary

I love this smaller Nina Ricci scarf folded diagonally and tied at the back of the neck.
Nina Ricci at the age of 13 was apprenticed to a dressmaker where she learned the sewing techniques that she combined with her design talents to found the House of Nina Ricci in Paris in 1932.

This very large silk scarf is from a shop in Como, Italy.  As early as the 13th century, master weavers were working in Florence, Italy.  The silk processing center moved from Venice to Milan and finally to Como.  Como originally raised its own silkworms, but after World War II, they began to import the silk fibers from China.
I have rolled it diagonally, wrapped it twice and tied.
It is heaven to touch.  I love being wrapped in this fine lustrous fiber.

If wearing one scarf is good, why not wear two.  The two 23 inch squares are folded together and tied with one knot, creating a splash of color which brings the eye of the beholder to the beautifully framed face.

Using the "two is better than one" rule, I have put two 19 x 70 inch Pashmina scarfs together and tied with a single loop.  I can cinch the knot up higher to keep out the frosty winds of winter.

The narrow pashmina scarf is worn by itself with a single windsor knot.
Pashmina is a soft finely woven fabric usually made of goat's hair.
It's soft plush feel resembles cashmere. 

And lastly, this is a "knock off" designer scarf that was purchased for much less, but may fool the average fashion eye.  I have tied it with a single windsor knot.

I have shown you just a few, but hopefully have inspired you to get into your own scarf drawer and try a tie or two.

I recently made a discovery....

He has a passion for bold colors and contrasting patterns which he brings to life in his world of silk.
Go to his website and peruse the luxurious  examples of design brought to a new level.

(just click above on Aaron Hales of London)

additional ideas for tying a large square scarf     CLICK
additional ideas for tying a rectangular scarf   CLICK

Remember to look at the hem to be sure it is a hand rolled hem if the price indicates it to be a designer scarf.   

Monday, November 14, 2016

From square scarf to elegant cover

Are you starting to think about the upcoming Party Holiday Season and wondering what new and fabulous wardrobe additions that you will need.

I am featuring a GREAT IDEA that is not necessarily new, but a "here I am, look at me" must have.
This is a 48 inch square scarf that has been cut exactly in half and then sewn back together with a french seam, leaving an opening large enough to go over your head.

It could also be made by just cutting a slit in the center and hemming the edges.
The edges may be hemmed with a hand rolled hem or a machine rolled hem or even a small serged edge.

Watch this video to see how to make a hand rolled hem
(click on "hand rolled hem")

Watch this video to see how to make a machine rolled hem
(click on "machine rolled hem")

Watch this video to see how to make a french seam
(click on "french seam")

I like to pair this with a turtleneck sweater and a dressy pant.

This is a light and breezy silk scarf, but the same thing could be achieved with a heavier fabric.  It totally depends upon the desired look and effect.

Click on:

"Elegance is the only beauty that never fades"

Audrey Hepburn

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Friday, November 11, 2016

Three ways to wear a 48 inch square scarf

I'm in my scarf drawer, again, to pull out this large 48 inch square silk designer scarf.

 I found a website with many beautiful Chanel scarves.  It's fun just to look!

I wanted to share with you three ways to wear this scarf.  

1.  Wear it as a shawl

There is nothing like wrapping yourself in the feel of silk.  This even feels better over bare shoulders or over a simple black dress....  Giving the impression that you are sheltering yourself from a cool evening breeze

2.  Rolled diagonally and wrapped twice and tied to perfectly frame your face.  I like to accessorize with a heavy gold chain necklace that compliments the chain in the silk print. 

3.  Folded diagonally in half and wrapped twice around the neck and tied in front.  The remainder of the scarf then falls over the knot.

I found some wonderful larger square scarves for you to look at:
All are reasonably priced:

Nordstrom...... CLICK

Nordstrom..... CLICK

Nordstrom..... CLICK


Etsy.... CLICK

One more at Off Saks 5th Ave.... CLICK

My pants.... you've seen them before:


Note of interest:  How to tell an authentic designer scarf from a knock off.  One way is to look at the hem. 
 The "real" scarf will have a hand rolled hem (see the video on a hand rolled hem) and the "knock off" will have a machine hem or serged edge.  

Money doesn't buy elegance. You can take an inexpensive sheath, add a pretty scarf, gray shoes, and a wonderful bag, and it will always be elegant.       Carolina Herrera

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