Wednesday, October 19, 2016

time out to make a quilt

Making a Quilt Today

Taking a break from fashion today to make a quilt.  You see, I need a baby quilt for an upcoming baby shower.  I began with four coordinated scraps (about a half of a yard of each).  I chose one fabric to be more dominant than the others.  Then I cut them into various size strips and laid them out, switching them around until I had the sequence the way I wanted.

The dominant fabric can be found here...... CLICK  It also comes in cream. CLICK 
This is the only place that I could find who still has some.  Once it is gone, there will be no more..... anywhere!
 She also has some other LDS prints

I then stitched  the strips together and I have the quilt top finished.

Next, I laid down my backing fabric, wrong side up, sprayed it with a basting adhesive.

Then I laid out the batting, making sure that the fabric and batting were lying flat with no wrinkles.

After spraying the batting with the adhesive, I carefully laid on the quilt top, right side up, making sure all three layers were smooth and flat.
I use Warm and Natural cotton batting

Next, I machine stitched along the junction lines of the fabric pieces.  Using a walking foot attachment on your machine makes this easier.

After trimming all four sides, making the quilt the desired size, I added the binding edge.  It is made by cutting strips 3 1/4 inches wide and sewing together the strips to form a piece long enough to go all the way around the quilt., Then, folding it in half, I stitched it to the quilt back with a 3/8 in seam.  (raw edges of quilt and binding are together)

Next I turned the binding to the right side of the quilt and hand stitched it all the way around.  You could do this step by machine, if you so choose.

Finished quilt!!

I bought the blue LDS Follow Me fabric at a store in Cedar City Utah, but I found it here on Etsy to make it easier for you    CLICK  (she doesn't have too much left)
I also found similar prints here   CLICK

Words of Wisdom:  When you spend time making a gift, putting part of your soul into the work, it is only natural to want to be sure the person receiving it will cherish and take care of it............forever!

Once you give that gift away, you must let go of your ownership of it and not worry about whether it is appreciated or taken care of.  Your heart is in the work, but you have decided to give it away, so you must give away your hold on its future.  


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