Friday, October 14, 2016

New Fall color................

A new Fall color

Shopping at Chico's I found this wonderful new Fall color.  It is called Brevity Brown in their store, but by other names in other brands.  This pair of pants will be a great addition to my Fall wardrobe.
  The trouser-style pant flows from one look to the next in a soft and draping fabric that stretches with flawless comfort.
  • Trouser styling with a relaxed fit and wide-leg silhouette.
Pants:  Click  


Self tie belt.........

This pant is reminiscent of this 1940 pant.
Another example of fashion repeating itself.

This Fall color  is easy to mix with an animal print.  This bold cheetah-print cardigan is right in its element, with a super soft fabric and classic one button-up styling.

Jacket:  Click  

  I have completed the ensemble with a super soft, long-sleeve tee in a a solid knit and face framing scoop neckline.

Top:   Click    (color: Arabian Camel)

Remember in a previous post,  I reviewed the rules for wearing animal prints and mixing animal prints.  Watch this short entertaining video by Adam Glassman.  He says it all in less than three minutes.

rules for wearing animal prints here    video

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