Monday, October 17, 2016

Exercising for the over 50's


I live in an "over 55" community.  I love doing so.  I try to walk 2 miles a day either in the morning or evening.  My friendly neighborhood makes it "fun" rather than a chore.

So here I am in my sweat pants and top, visor, sunglasses, iphone tucked in my bra with earbuds.  No motivational speeches or books on tape for me.   I'm listening to Pandora - 70's Lite Rock Radio.  The best music came from the 70's........... drug inspired, maybe......... but great lyrics!

Keeping active is a key to aging successfully. A regular routine of exercise not only burns fat but also supports your body and brain functions. Women over age 50 can look and feel years younger by performing exercises that burn calories, and tone and strengthen muscles and bones.

Not long ago I read an article (which I now cannot find) that said that after age 60, it is not a great idea to do one hour classes such as zoomba or aerobics and such.  If you have any kind of issues with any of your joints, one hour just beats them up even more.  Short spurts of exercise is the way to go.  Also, water aerobics is great and much easier on your joints.   Anyway, I liked the article.......wish I could find it again............ but it's the philosophy that I have adopted.

I have been looking for a workout to recommend.  Needless to say, I have lost five pounds trying to find a good one.  My favorite two are:

#1    iTunes 7 minute workout app  Wahoo fitness  (get this one from the app store and it is free)

I have this workout on my phone and Siri leads me in 12 exercises in 7 minutes  (it is actually more like 10 minutes)  If you do them correctly, it is a full body workout and the "sweat" proves it. 

 #2  Coach Kosak takes you through 15 minutes of exercise.  It is kind of cool........CLICK here:..just one guy in a room with a chair.  

My walking attire:

I am wearing New Balance shoes.  (these are a newer model than what I am wearing)  CLICK  I always buy this brand because they run narrow.  And, yes, I put Gel insoles in them. 

Light weight extra soft and comfy sweat top is from Target!  Not too heavy, but plenty warm if layered with a t-shirt underneath.  Love the way it fits and the price was right.

Sleeves are a good length  (I have long arms)

Little "hoodie" 

Get one for yourself before they are all gone.  CLICK


It doesn't matter how fast or how many reps you're still ahead of the guy on the couch!

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