Wednesday, September 7, 2016

One great Cardigan look

I love cropped cardigans

I remember Jantzen sweaters when I was a young girl.  One’s social standing was predicated on how many Jantzen Sweater Sets you had.

  I like covering up my upper arms.  I have several sweaters in different colors and pair them with lots of different tops and dresses.   I found these that fit the bill:

This ruched bodice is great for concealing what I call…………..extra side bumps.  .  I’m wearing one from Ann Taylor purchased a few years ago, but I found this one in 

def:    ruched (ro͞osht) adj.   To gather fabric in a repeating pattern 

Nothing says “classy” like a pencil skirt.  They are always in

 style and easy to find in a variety of fabrics.  Mine is linen.  I 

found this one 

My sandals were purchased last year at Ann Taylor.
I found these to be similar

Audrey Hepburn said……..”Happy girls are the prettiest”

Be Happy today!


  1. Indeed, Jill. And your happiness shines through. Bravo to you on your new blog. I'm enjoying it.

  2. Thanks Melinda! I probably should have started earlier. At this rate, I'll soon be blogging from the rest home.
    BUT I'll be the best darn blogger there!