Friday, September 16, 2016

Dare to wear white after Labor Day

It's still summer where I live

Maybe you have figured it out, but I live in the land of perpetual sunshine.
The high today was in the 90's
I'm still wearing white pants.

It may be a little windy, but you can see the wider pant leg.  This is a classic straight leg which is always in style.  This pant leg is the width that anyone can wear.  It compliments any body shape.  It is universally the most attractive pant silhouette.

The pant is by Dana Buchman.  Dana Buchman was an upscale women's fashion brand.  Dana Buchman, an Amerian fashion designer and creative designer, was the founder.  In 2008, Buchman announced that she would be discontinuing her higher priced line to design exclusively for Kohl's, and now Kohl's owns the brand name.

My pants were purchased probably 20 years ago (more than likely on sale)

At the present time this shape is difficult to find in a lower price range.  I did find this pair at Neiman Marcus.  
Click to see

 And here is the perfect pair at Neiman Marcus, but way out of my price range........ it's fun to dream sometimes.

The long paisley print polyester blouse is from Chico's. And now it is on sale!  You can find it here

Shoes are a low heel sling back sandal from Ann Taylor purchased a while ago.  I found a similar low heel sling back at Nordstrom 
click here

Remember:  A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear

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