Monday, November 20, 2017

Nine shoe trends from Fashion Week 2017

Sometimes it's just fun to dream.......
These shoes are from Fashion Week 2017.....
If I had all the money in the world, I would start my shoe shopping here.........

The art of the heel is everywhere.........

This chunky blue glass heel white leather pump is by Dries Van Noten with a price tag of just over $900.00

This Salvatore Ferragamo F Heel is an architectural wonder.
They actually are a reincarnation of a Ferragamo shoe of 1947.

 This Gucci extravaganza of embellishment is priced at a mere $1590.00

This candle stick pedestal shoe is designed by Mary Katrantzou and carries a hefty price tag.

Another interesting heel by Marni.  Notice the sole shape of this trendy sandal.  It will take a whole lot of pennies to put these in your shopping cart.

 Rosie Assoulin launched her own footwear collection for 
Fall ’17. The debut season featured pumps and boots with ornate wooden heels, 

Another shoe fashion trend is the abundance of embellishment.

 Prada put forth this exaggerated button strap pump.  Priced at well over a thousand dollars.

The velvet laced boot is by Erdem.  Erdem is British based and out of my price range.

This satin and silk rhinestone and gold pump is by Miu Miu.... Another runway masterpiece  

Did you know that up until 1850, shoes were made straight, meaning that there was no differentiation from left and right shoes.  It was a good idea to always put the same shoe on your right and left foot.  Then each shoe would begin to take the shape of that foot.

 Footwear is becoming more art than it is functional.  If footwear trends continue in this fashion, we can expect the shoes of the future to be even more out-of-this-world.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Easy going horizontal striped top

I live in the desert.  It's not hard to tell.
This tan and black stripe top is a timeless choice.  The scoop neck and three quarter sleeve are perfect for transitioning from Summer to Fall.  

The label is Michael Kors

This is not just another striped top.  The side ruching makes it a number one choice for me.  Ruching is great for camouflaging little side rolls.  The pull tabs at the bottoms make it possible to adjust the amount of ruching.

The length is extra long.  I'm a tall girl, and I could pull it down even farther and wear it with skinny jeans.

The fabric is cotton/spandex which means easy care and no stretching out of shape.

One of my first blog posts dealt with the concept of horizontal stripes.  Do they make you look thinner, taller, shorter??
Review this post at:


BRIGITTE ANKLE PANTS from Chico's.  The pants with the perfect, slimming fit.

They come in a variety of prints and colors and lengths.   And some are on sale:

Michael Kors striped top:

Bad news:
I think it was made by little elves living high in the peaks of Mt Charleston and dropped inconspicuously  in my shopping cart as I perused the aisles of Steinmart looking for just the right outdoor dinnerware!

Good news:  I found some similar for you to check out.
Click on each picture:

Monday, November 13, 2017

Deconstruction Fashion IS HERE

A while ago I created a post dealing with:

Deconstruction Fashion
It was done "tongue in cheek".
The photos I showed were from the runway and carried with them very large Designer prices.

I was shopping at Nordstrom in Salt Lake City last weekend and look what I found hanging on the rack..............

An asymmetrical off-the-shoulder neckline and bold striped crisp blouse.  AND the price was reasonable. 
                                     click to see

I came home and found this Nicole Miller dress which is moderately priced at Dillard's

Nicole Miller New York Hanky-Hem Hi-Low Dress

click to see

I also found this top at Dillard's

From Ali Miles

Click to see

This tells me that Deconstruction Fashion has now
 reached the retail market.  
It is affordable for people like you and me.  
The question is:  

I have included my original post for you to review:

What is Deconstruction Fashion?   

Some say that it challenges the traditional perception of beauty.  Others say it is the epitome of beauty.  It is easy to spot.  It's characteristics include fraying, raw edges, zippers that show, linings that are falling out, hemlines that are everywhere (on the same garment), pieces put together that don't belong, and garments that look like they are coming apart.  
This trend has been on the market for sometime, but recently we have seen more than usual on the runways of New York and Paris.

"Deconstructionism" has been around for some time.  It was the brainchild of French philosopher Jacques Derrida in the late 1960's.  He defined it as "the process of breaking down established forms".The term originally applied to text, but also describes the breaking down of normal boundaries, challenging the norm and manipulating the given.

Deconstructionism when applied to Fashion looks like this................

I don't mean to make light of what some may feel is "true" fashion, BUT I think the sleeves are upside down.  I recall a beginning sewing student who tried to do this.
Paris Fashion Week 2015  Vanessa Jackman

I will withhold my comments on the rest of these decide for yourself.
Try to visualize wearing  these to the next office party or to church or dinner date.


Hood by Air  SS16

Thierry Mugler

Yoji Yamamoto

Yoji Yamamoto

Yoji Yamamoto

Helen van Rees

These two might be a possibility..... (if I can find the armholes in the green dress)

Diesel M-Tribe Sweater, All Saints Aime Trench dress

Why should we girls have all the fun.  These might be nice for your guy!

Greg Lauren   2016

This deconstruction has been around for awhile.  Many have embraced the look.  I'm a little too old for that many holes in my jeans, BUT perhaps some of you could pull it off.

I find this nice crispy cotton blouse rather charming.  I wonder if those interesting ties can be undone for laundering and ironing purposes?

Aganovich   Fall 2016

I am not here to pass judgment.  I have always taken what ever is trending at the time and made adjustments to fit my own style and my age. 

 Hmmmmmm....... maybe I could take the hem out of my jean bottoms and let them fray........ after all, I want to be part of the deconstruction look.

If you own rights to any of the images shown, and do not want their release, please contact me and the content will be removed immediately.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

TRENDING.............sweaters with attitude

Have you noticed that sweaters this Fall have attitude.  And they are showing it with their sleeves.
Click at the bottom of each photo to see even more.

Flouncy tied cuffs  with an easy, oversized fit.

Click on:  Astr the Label

Puffed to the elbow, Juliet sleeves bring a sense of romance to this bateau neckline pullover in a ribbed cotton-blend knit.

click on Vince Camuto

Slender laces thread through grommets on the dramatically slouched sleeves of this cozy, cashmere-kissed sweater.

Click on: See by Chloe

Tiered, rib-knit sleeves add unexpected volume to this classic cotton-blend, cable-knit sweater.

Click on: BP

Blousing sleeves add slouchy charm to a cotton-blend sweater knit 

click on Leith

A contemporary take on a classic sweater, this lightweight, cashmere-kissed version is framed with ruffled and romantic bell sleeves.

Click on: Chelsea 28

Voluminous bell sleeves add playful volume to a super soft sweater knit with a touch of wool.

click on: Leith

Let your hands do the talking in this on-trend sweater, styled with dramatic bell sleeves 

click on:  BP

Wide cuffs gather the whimsical balloon sleeves on this cozy knit 
Click on:  Top Shop

Ruffled from shoulders to wrist, this comfy knit makes a soft statement. 

Click on: Leith

Which sweater is your favorite?  

Which one belongs in your closet?

Monday, November 6, 2017

Now trending...............SCARVES IN A BOW

Bow-knot scarves are a hot trend this year..  Any, chiffon, satin, soft cotton and even wool work perfectly in achieving this classic look.
found on pinterest

found on pinterest


Look in your scarf drawer to find that any size or shape can be bow knotted.  
This is an easy and affordable way to update your look.


Tied around the neck in a bow, your scarf can give a rather vintage appeal to the whole outfit

Creating a soft, feminine, romantic and fascinating look 

The bow-knot works with any size scarf.  
A great way to frame your face.


Even knit scarves may be tied in a bow

How to tie a perfect this: