Monday, January 15, 2018

wearable remembrances.... men's shirt apron

A dear friend, after losing her son, asked if I would do something for her. 
 Her son, Kea, may have had physical limitations, but everything else about him was of giant size.  His heart was huge, his eyes sparkled and he was a friend to everyone bringing endless joy and love and laughter to all he met. 
His journey on earth came to an end after forty years of unconditional selflessness and heart of gold.

Kea was born in Hawaii and loved his Hawaiian shirts.
His Mom asked if I would take some of his shirts and make them into aprons.  I felt privileged and honored to take them and change them into what I call  
"wearable remembrances".  

I cut the back and sleeves out of the shirt, leaving just the front.

This is the shirt that was left.  From it, I cut the two ties.

Hem all the edges and sew on the ties.

And it is finished.

I cut the label out of the back of the neck and sewed it above the pocket.

"When someone you love is in heaven, there is a little heaven in your home"

Monday, January 1, 2018

How to deal with the four pounds you gained over the Holidays

Be honest with yourself.  Did you add just a couple of pounds during the holidays?  We all did!

Do you want to look thinner without dieting?
Do you want to look firmer while you are dieting?

How many of you remember these lovely pieces?
I do.
I wore a girdle to high school even though I weighed 
110 pounds

Then came the 60's and 70's and "all that freedom"

"burn your bra"

And then came Madonna in the 80's wearing her underwear on the outside

Now we "baby boomers" are getting older....

Have you noticed your “middle” getting bigger?
A few more inches on your thighs?
What about your derriere  (butt)? 

Today there is a plethora of body shaping undergarments to give you a little help.
They are actually comfortable to wear.

I have this one.  It is great for pulling it all together and smoothing out the bumps when I wear something form fitting

You can find it here

This is a great waist shaper that will smooth out your muffin top.
You can find it here

This is a great little shaper to smooth out your thighs and muffin top and firm up your behind.  
It can be found here

This will firm up your arms and bus tine.
You can find it here

But whatever your "less than perfect" is.........

marshmallow butt 
muffin top 
bumpy thighs

try shapewear

There are many brands; 
I like SPANX

Did you know?  The proper name for undergarments or clothing worn next to your skin is   Innerwear 

 Fashion looks better when you feel good on the inside

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Dressing for New Years

When you are invited to a New Year's Eve Party, is the first thing on your mind....... 
HELP  What will I wear !!

Begin with a monochromatic look.  Make it black or winter white.  Then add a pop of color like this red textured jacket.

I have a great pair of black silk pants with a straight leg (always in style) and I add a black turtleneck or black silk blouse or 3/4 length sleeve black knit top.
Then add the pop of color.

Add some nice jewelry which creates a focal point for framing your face.
This gold and hand blown glass bead necklace is a favorite of mine, purchased in Venice.

And guess what !  You can wear the same basic black to your next party with a change of  accessory top and no one will know !
(yes I'm wearing heels...... sitting in them, not walking!)

Add a slinky cardigan sweater

Take a suit jacket from one of those winter suits that you haven't worn in ages

I pulled this from the back of my closet....... a paisley beaded little short jacket

Just a fox fur scarf

I have a friend that has always said,  "It's better to be a little overdressed than under dressed"
So put on the's easy and probably already hanging in your closet!

Be brave..........Make a statement


Monday, December 18, 2017

Christmas party in my new cardigan

There was a wonderful Christmas Spirit as we gathered in Dawn's home for our annual Book Club Christmas Party.  The book for discussion was The Autobiography of Santa Claus as told to Jeff Guinn (I highly recommend this wonderful story which leaves everyone who reads it, a Believer).

I wore my new Chico's pleated cardigan.  I LOVE IT.  It is my new "go to" piece for all occasions.  I wore it with my monochromatic pairing of black turtle neck and black slightly bell bottom velvet pants.  I can't wait to wear it with Levis and a fun blouse.  

It's the subtle (but stunning) details that make this lightweight, long-sleeve cardigan anything but ordinary: the light shimmer and that beautiful pleated hemline.  You can buy it right now, right here with a Click.  If you hurry you can purchase it during Chico's 40% everything sale.

My shoes are a recent purchase since I still can't negotiate high heels.  They have a one inch heel and double ankle strap.  The Pasha Pump is from JustFab and can be found here

Vince Camuto has a very similar pair at DSW shoes  CLICK

Dawn set up her entire Christmas Village this year and what an absolute amazing display it is.  The details of each individual setting are delightful.

One could just stand for hours taking it all in.  Each individual setting was unique in it's technical components.

The little town hotel

The outdoor movie theater and nearby lighted park

Have your picture taken with Santa

The Temple with snow on its spires 

The Santa train in the foreground and neighborhoods terraced behind

Christmas is such a magical time............

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Cowboy Christmas

Once a year, for ten days, Las Vegas becomes "Cowboy" because it is the 
National Finals Rodeo

The Cowboy Christmas returns to Las Vegas with more wares to keep even the most avid shopper entertained. Over 440,000 square feet of show floor hosting 400 plus vendors from across the United States and Canada showcase their unique products which include: customized jewelry, western wear, boots and spurs, furniture, original art, handmade crafts and pottery, as well as providing the best source for the Official Wrangler NFR and PRCA merchandise.

There is no way that I am going to pass up a "shopping event"

For my "shopping" attire, I have mixed a little cowgirl with an animal print.  
My blouse is from Chico's, here is a similar at Nordstrom   CLICK      

My sweater is pulled from my closet and is from Ralph Lauren,  I found a very similar one CLICK  It's shawl collar and button front with ribbed cuffs is perfect over the Leopard print.

My pants are from J Jill.  They are a few years old, but they have a similar straight leg cut here: CLICK  I love the way 
J Jill pants fit, the rise is about 1 inch below the natural waistline so they fit comfortably without slipping down.

My boots, MIA Joshua Bootie, are from last year, but DSW shoes have some great ones this year.

I'm ready to hit the Las Vegas Convention Center and Cowboy Christmas

And, here's your cowboy wisdom for the day:

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Monday, December 11, 2017

Cowboy week in Las Vegas...... National Finals Rodeo

" Cowgirl up"

 I'm in my western mode.  I'm loving this long tiered lace skirt and denim jacket.  I pulled the skirt from my closet.  It's a favorite that can be worn in a variety of I have chosen a western look since I am still feeling "cowgirl" due to the rodeo in town this week.

And I can't say enough "good" about my red boots.

The denim jacket is from the Reba Collection and is a few years old.  I love the detail...... large silver buttons, piping around all edges, hand sewn embroidery detail and silver studs.

Did you notice my silver Zuni Indian Fetish necklace?  My fetish necklace is made of small silver animals.   Each animal depicts a type of luck, power or protection.  Fetish necklaces are worn for healing, spiritual guidance and protection purposes.
I purchased my necklace many years ago when I was a college student working at a lodge near the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  It is one of my prized possessions. 

 Did you notice my silver belt buckle?  It was purchased in (and has the date on it) 1985 at the NFR Rodeo Finals. 

Zuni Jewelry  CLICK     CLICK

Denim Jackets:  

Reba denim jacket  click  and click and click

Tiered Skirt

Reba tiered skirts:
click and click 

Red Bandana

Red Boots

Def:  Cowgirl Up - "Cowgirl Up" is the female version of the old rodeo warning call, "Cowboy up."
This cry from the chute meant that the rider was seated on the bronco or bull and was ready for the gate to open. Over time, the expression came to mean that someone was ready and able to tackle some huge challenge. In some cases, it is even used as a verb: to cowboy up, meaning to be prepared physically and mentally for some difficult or dangerous undertaking. "C'mon, cowboy up for the job; you can do it!"

Cowgirl wisdom:

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